Desktop Heater Heater Mini Home Portable Body Electric Warmer Winter PTC Ceramic Indoor Fan Fast Warmer Fireproof


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Product parameter
Product name:Indoor Heater (air heater)
Product number:ZMNFJ01 YM
Product Size:132x132x188mm
Way to heat up:PTC heating
Rated voltage:220V ~
Rated frequency:50Hz
Rated power:600W
Packing List:
Main body x1
Manual x 1
Mijia Desktop Heater
Instantly Heats Up, Wide-angle Soft Air Supply
PTC is on and hot, fast heating, safe and stable
Wide-angle soft air 45°circular air supply
Mini lightweight body
Beautiful and does not take up space
Dumping protection, automatic power off when dumping
Double thermal protection
Effectively prevent accidents
V-O grade fireproof material, non-flammable and safer
Directional angle blowing
Trouser corners wet in the rain
Blow dry all at once
Shake your head left and right
Hair while watching TV
More comfortable temperature
The recommended experience distance of the heater is: about 30cm-60cm from the human body.
Dormitory games
Team up with friends to play the king
Won't affect performance
Bedroom rest
Family members are unwell
Not afraid of catching a cold
Living room entertainment
It's cold watching TV in the living room
Never shake your legs anymore
Daily office
In cold weather
The office warms up
Warm your feet
Put it on your feet, your feet are warm
The whole body is warmed up
Go home
Come home from the cold wind after get off work
His face heats up quickly
360° hidden air inlet design
The 360° bottom air inlet has a wider air inlet range, and placing it on the wall does not affect the air inlet.
Double thermal protection, full sense of security
Thermostat: over temperature protection
When the internal temperature is too high,
Automatically stop heating
Fuse: cut off the circuit
When the temperature is too high or the heating is abnormal, the thermal fuse device will automatically cut off the power supply, effectively preventing accidents
ABS fire-retardant shell
Dumping power failure protection
Built-in electronic dump switch, when the machine dumps, it will automatically power off.


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