Deerma VC20 PLUS Household Light Wireless Vacuum Cleaner International Version – White


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Main Features

Deerma VC20 PLUS Descriptions:
The new and ultra portable Deerma Vacuum Cleaner with compact size and long-term battery life is designed for cleaning floor, ceiling, car and other place. New low gravity designed on the Deerma VC20 can make the cleaner be placed uprightly anytime, well for storage and use.

Main Features:
Increase dust collection power by 50%
The motor is the heart of the vacuum cleaner. The greater the power, the stronger the power. The VC20 Plus motor is upgraded again, the power reaches 150W, the high-horsepower vacuuming is fast, accurate, and ruthless, and there is no chance to escape from garbage.

The suction power is 45% higher than the previous generation
The machine starts, the high-power motor runs swiftly, and the output is up to 8000Pa suction power, which is 45% higher than the previous generation vacuum cleaner. Wherever he goes, he exhausts all kinds of household waste.

Upgrade wipe and suction dual-purpose floor brush
The floor brush has a built-in electric motor. It can be deep brushed 3000 times a minute, and debris, dirt, and hair can be easily sucked in. Spiral brush and bottom scraper can vacuum and wipe the floor at the same time, effectively cleaning the gaps between carpets, floors and tiles.

Won 2 international design awards
The simple outline of the fuselage, combined with optimized and upgraded functions, conveys technological aesthetics and gains stunning visual effects. It has been recognized by the German IF Design Award and the Korean K-design Design Award.

Get rid of the power cord and freely clean every corner of the home
Fed up with the tedious need to change sockets and retract lines for wired vacuum cleaners? Get rid of the power cord now, upgrade the wireless design, say goodbye to the embarrassing situation of getting caught in the power cord or the desk and chair after walking a few steps, and then freely shuttle around the house to vacuum, sweep forward in a big step.

Lighter than 3 cans of Coke
Reduce the volume and weight of the motor, battery cell, and packaging structure. The dust collector weighs less than 1kg, which reduces the weight by 1/3. It is easy to clean and save effort and time.

Cleaning up high places is no longer prohibitive
Install the receiver and reach the ceiling in one fell swoop; it is light and mini, allowing you to easily achieve long-term lifting and cleaning, and sweep away all the dust in the heights.

Deep clean corner gaps
With a cordless vacuum cleaner, the flexibly rotating floor brush can reach the corner, and the multifunctional brush head combination can go deep into the slit without moving the furniture, freely cleaning the scattered debris and accumulated dust.

Reach into the bottom of the bed / sofa / table, dead space trash cannot be hidden
There is already a thick layer of dust on the bottom of the furniture that you overlooked! Use it to clean it. The floor brush is as thin as 47mm. It can be inserted into the bottom of various beds, sofas, and tables. The dust and garbage are wiped out.

Turn into a car vacuum cleaner at any time
Mini portable without power cord, happily take it to the garage or outdoors to do a big cleaning for your car! Hair lint left on the seat by absorbing light, footprint dirt on the carpet, and snack scum dropped by children.

It's also good to suck desktop / sofa / cabinet
It comes standard with two-in-one gap nozzle, small corner brushes, complete dust removal equipment, switch to handheld mode after vacuuming, and you can clean other home surfaces! The trash on the desk, the particles in the seams of the sofa, the dust hidden in the corners, it will give you a new look

Patented internal cyclone dust and gas separation
Developed a new type of internal cyclone filtration method. The large centrifugal force separates dust and garbage from the air. The dust and garbage are tightly locked in the cup, and the air is filtered again by HEPA before being discharged, fresh and without secondary pollution.

It can be used for 22 minutes when it is fully charged, and clean the large apartment
A single charge is enough to scan the living room, bedroom, study, etc., to be a good cleaning companion for large-scale and duplex apartments. The battery has a new intelligent management system, which is equivalent to the configuration of a thousand-yuan vacuum cleaner to ensure the battery's longevity.

Dust cup filter element can be washed, no consumables, recyclable
When the dust is poured, the dust cup can be taken out with a slight rotation, and the dust cup can be easily dumped. The cyclone filter element in the dust cup can be taken out and washed directly with water, dried and recycled for reuse. It is clean, pollution-free, and economical.

With 180-degree anti-winding gear, the cleaner can prevent the hair from winding the brush to greatly improve the cleaning effect.
Convenient auto-vertical placement, new low gravity designed, placed on your house anytime.
Three multifunctional brushes: 60-degree corner brush, soft floor brush, 2 in 1 flat brush.
International Version: English Manual, EU Plug (100-240V), English Packing

Brand: Deerma
Model: VC20 PLUS (upgraded version)
Product: Deerma Vacuum Cleaner
Material: ABS, PC
Rated voltage: 14.4V
Rated power: 150W
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Dust tank capacity: 0.6L
Time of endurance: 22 minutes (standard mode), 18 minutes (strong suction mode)
Charging Time: About 4 Times
Noise: 75dB and less
Suction: 8kPa and more (strong suction mode)

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