DDIY 32 Story Guangzhou Tower DIY Electronic kit Music Spectrum Wireless Remote Control Welding unassembled kit


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[ Product Parameters ]: 1. Working Voltage: DC 5V 2. PCB Material: 1.6mm RF-4 Plate, 3. Installation: DIY soldering assembly, 4. Type: Logic ICs Operating, 5. Size dimension: 830*100*100mm

[ Product Description ]: It is the tallest building in Guangzhou, the design of the tower is very characteristic, especially in the night under the lighting decoration, it is beautiful, Now become a landmark in Guangzhou. It's DIY kits,after soldering, just connect electricity to see the effect. You can quickly judge the soldering effect. The soldering product is a beautiful flow lamp circuit.The front is a flow lamp circuit, which is composed of light emitting diodes.

[ Presupposition ]: Please read the product instructions carefully and compare the parts and component list which can be obtained from customer service. Remember to attach your order number or full name of the product to avoid confusing the instructions.

[ Applicable Crowd ]: 1. Student of circuit and electronic soldering, 2. Interested in soldering and assembly, 3. Strong hands-on ability, 4. Experienced in soldering,etc.

[ Warning ]: This product needs to be soldered by yourself. If you have no soldering experience, please read the soldering instructions and use soldering tools carefully in order to avoid safety problems.If you need instructions or have any questions about the product, please consult customer service.


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