Creative Plush Santa Claus Toy With Pearkeep Strings, Electric Santa Shopping Mall Decoration


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Material : PVC
Product Number : Santa Claus
Size : 21 * 13 * 12.5
Brand : Ze Lu
Category : Electric Christmas Doll
Specification : Climbing Santa Claus
Whether It Belongs To A Gift : Yes Business Gifts

Packing size: 11.5*10*22CM

Product gross weight: 265 grams

Product net weight: 198 grams

Product size: 12.5*13*21CM (bead string length 1 meter)

With festive colors, it can increase the festive atmosphere

The product is small in size and light in weight

It can be used as a toy or as a multi-family ornament

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Packing size: 11.5*10*22CM