Computer Desk Mouse Pad Arm Tray Armrest Pad Protect Arm


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Main Features

Packing: The parts include a hand plate and a set of accessories

Application: table use, convenient and comfortable.

Color: black/red/yellow

Material: The product is made of high-strength ABS board, strong and durable

Health benefits: reduce the pressure on the arms and wrists. Memory foam wristbands. Comfortable and soft. Long-term use of healthy computer pallets is conducive to blood circulation and relieves arm fatigue.
Do you feel arm pain from using a computer mouse for a long time? Deutsche News Agency reported on the 27th that German medical experts warned that long-term incorrect use of the mouse may cause people to suffer from "repetitive limb strain" symptoms, commonly known as "mouse arms." Bergmann, the head of the German Federation of Neurologists, said: "Monotonous movements (clicking the mouse) can cause tendons and nervous system strain. Symptoms such as tingling, numbness, and weakness in the forearm and hands are the symptoms of this disease. Aura." He said: "Long-term clicks on the computer mouse and improper hand position can cause muscle tissue damage. If this happens, it can cause nerve fiber tissue inflammation." Bergman suggested that people can take a series of methods to avoid "Mouse arm" is formed. He said that the size of the mouse should match the size of the user's hand. Resting the wrist can reduce the chance of nerve fiber tissue inflammation, and resting the hand on the mouse pad can reduce arm pain!




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