Chimney Vacuum Cleaner 15L 900W Ash Bucket For Oven Fireplace Chimney Grill


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Main Features

Material: Metal, Plastic
Color: Black
Max. Power: 1000W
Rated Voltage: 220-240V/50-60Hz
Plug Type: US, UK, EU
Container Capacity: 15L
Operating Pressure: ≥15kPa
Noise: <75dB
Size: 142x210mm/5.6×8.3inch
Quantity: 1Pc
Main Feature:
The suction power of 1000W is sufficient for household cleaning.
The built-in fine dust filter bag and the premium HEPA filter prevent blockage of the filter and thus ensures a high performance of the suction motor.
With the help of the thick hose, small wood splinters and burned coal can be absorbed quickly and easily.
All components are made of high temperature resistant material. The metal-reinforced suction hose and aluminium suction tube are flexible and stable.
The chimney vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning fireplaces, stoves, fireplaces or the grill.
15L tank ash vacuum cleaner is the perfect size for everyday use. In addition, the HEPA filter and fine dust filter bags are reusable.
Whether in the living area or when barbecuing outdoors, with flexible suction hose made of coated metal, ash and coal residues can be absorbed quickly and easily.
Whether in the living area or when barbecuing outdoors, the practical and easily portable device can be used anywhere.
Package Content: 1 x Ash Vacuum Cleaner
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