Children Push Scooter Balance Bike Walker Infant Children Toy Gift Three-wheel Balance Car for 1-3 Years Old


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Main Features

Main features:
* Won the 2018 German IF design award.
* Bicycle Dual-use, Ride slip double mode.
* Easy to operate, fast deformation, handlebars and seats can be adjusted at any time.
* The whole vehicle adopts metal skeleton, sturdy and reliable, environmentally friendly plastic, tasteless and non-toxic.
* The entire bike has no sharp angle design, front wheel large anti-skid double-wheel design, completely enclosed wheel design, soft handlebar design.
* Wheel built-in industrial-grade bearings, wheel rotation smooth slippery, handlebar 30 degree limit, to prevent steering lateral flip.
* Three colors to choose from: Yellow, cyan, pink.
Children's bike German IF Design award, Ride slip dual mode, fast deformation, 8 heavy safety protection
*Suitable for children from 18 to 36 months, height 85 to 120 cm and weighing less than 20kg.


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