Cell Phone Kid Ultraviolet Light Cleaner Disinfection Lamp Box Uvc Disinfection Bag For Toy Underwear


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This UV-C Light Sanitizer Box uses an advanced Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation disinfection method that uses ultraviolet light ( wavelength of 260-280nm) to destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in harmful substances. The use of UV sterilization has been scientifically proven to be extremely effective, the sterilization rate ups to 99.9% in a matter of minutes to keep your phone and keep you healthy.
[Disinfect Quickly and Effectively in 3mins]: Put items that are to be sterilized in the uv light sanitizer box, zip up then press button to start sterilizing, the sterilization process lasts for 3 minutes without damaging any surface, makes no odor, no chemicals, no secondary pollution.
[Longer Lifespan & Safety]: The UV-C LED of this uv light sterilizer box units have a long-lasting lighting life of over 10000 hours. The uv sterilizer light bag are CE, FC, RoHS certified, not only proven works for disinfecting and sanitizing, but safety in use.
[Easy to Use]: One button click to start, this ultraviolet light sanitizer bag can clean your phone, jewelry, clothes, watches, keys, kid toys, underwear, makeup brushes, baby products, iPad, sunglasses and many other household items that fits. the uv light sterilizer bag's dimensions are approximately: 6.7*7.5*10.2''inches.
[Portable and Sanitizer Anytime]: This UV-C sanitizer bag is designed with leather material, the carrying handle for easy portability. It works by USB cable, it can power the device via a power bank, computer or the wall adapter. And the translucent window on the front panel allowing you to see your items being sterilized in ultraviolet light.




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