Caroger CR388A License-Free 8 Channel (2packs) Walkie Talkies PMR446MHZ Two Way Radio Up to 3300Meters/3Miles Range Handheld Interphone blue


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Frequency: PMR 446MHz.

Power: 0.5W

Battery: Compatible with 4 AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries or 4 AAA alkaline batteries, but please do not mix them.

Easy to use: The call button is set up ergonomically, at your fingertips and easy to operate.

It is small and easy to carry, even for small children's hands. It is suitable for ages 3 and older.

High-tech children's walkie-talkie: 8 channels and 99 sub-audio, composed of 792 optional combinations to prevent interference and let you enjoy the intercom!

Walkie-talkie scanning: Use Scan to quickly search all channels for busy channels, it allows you to quickly find unused channels for your own use, or return to the previous channel when you accidentally change channels.

Walkie-talkie monitoring function: You can let your walkie-talkie be in the initial receiving state, you can listen to the weak signal on the current channel or adjust the volume accordingly.

Intercom automatic squelch function: You can keep your walkie-talkie quiet when there is no call.

Backlit LCD : Make these walkie-talkies easy and enjoyable during the day or night. l

Low battery alarm: When sending or standby, if the battery capacity reaches a predetermined low level, the indicator light will flash and a low battery alarm tone will be heard.

Keyboard lock: Prevents your personalization settings from being inadvertently changed.

VOX function: Open VOX, then the child does not need to press PTT.

10 call tones: Send a call alert at a fixed time. Notify you of an incoming call by the tone of the unit's speakers.

Adjustable volume: Allows you to sound and listen at a comfortable volume.

Handset connection: 2.5 mm jack (not including the handset).

With a belt clip, you can even place the intercom at the waist or other body position.

Package Included:

2 x Walkie talkies

2 x belt clip

1 x User manual