Car Emergency Starting Power 12V White Battery Portable Charger Mobile Phone Mobile Power Spare Lighter with Power Bank


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Main Features

Product name: Car emergency power supply, ignition starter, multifunctional lighting, 12V car universal charging
Cell type: 6060803 string polymer cells
Actual capacity: 12000MAH, 30000MAH
Conversion efficiency: 85%
Starting vehicle displacement: gasoline vehicles below 1.8L
Input voltage and current: 12V/1A
Output voltage and current: 5V/2A

Size: 132*75*25mm
Scope of application: mobile phones, tablets, MP4, PMP, GPS, etc.
Power display: Tap the touch switch to display the remaining power.
Bare metal 295G: Simple configuration: charger, clip, manual, box, a set of weight 620G
Simple configuration: world box, charger, starter clip, one for three lines, manual, one set of weight 650G
Luxury accessories: color box, leather bag, charger, starter clip, one for three lines, manual, car charger, a set of weight 835G

1: With bright flashlight function.
2: Full LED display, with a sense of science and technology.
3: The surface cover is made of high-gloss PVC plastic and has been UV, with a stronger hand feeling and better scratch resistance.

4: With car emergency ignition function, escort your travel.

5: Logo can be customized for more than 100 sets


Package size (L x W x H)




Product size (L x W x H)


Working Temp.(℃)

-40~+80 ℃

Package weight


Apply to

MP3,MP4,Laptop Computers,Phones,Digital Cameras,Other AC and USB Appliances,iPhone 4/4s/iPod/iPad 2/The Nwe iPad,iPhone 5/5S,iPad mini,Samsung Phones,iPhone 4/4s/iPod/iPad 2/The New iPad

Product Weight


Package Contents

Charger clip manual box

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