Car Battery Charger 12 24V 8A Touch Screen Pulse Repair LCD Battery Charger For Car Motorcycle Lead Acid Battery Agm Gel Wet


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Main Features

Intelligent charging, automatic stop when fully charged, one-button repair, winter and summer mode charging
Suitable for SUV 12V/8A , 24V/4A 2-150Ah Motorcycle Car SUV
Dry batery water battery lead-acid maintenance-free battery/(lithium batery is not suitable)
Red clip is connected to battery positive.
Black clip is connected to the battery negative.

Package List:
1x Car Battery Charger
1x User Manual

1. If the LED color can't be changed from RED into the GREEN , it means that the battery may be broken and you need to check if the battery is broken in advance
2. For the battery if you don't use it for long time or Lack of electrolyte, the voltage will be much lower and the battery will be easy got broken and battery will not been charged any more.




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