Cans Ultrasonic Beer Bubbler Portable Outdoor Party Milk Flavored Beer Bubbler


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Product material: ABS + silicone + aluminum
Product size: 132.5*66.9*30mm
Packing size: 8*8*15cm

Product power: 2 7th battery (need your own)
Adapt to temperature: -30 ° C to 80 ° C
Working voltage: 3.0V
1, ultra-sonic foam design, rich beer fresh and refreshing experience, a touch of milk-like silky feeling foam;
2, infused with rich and delicate foam, everyone can easily make a golden ratio of beer 7:3 (beer: foam);
3, the foam makes the carbonic acid in the tank less volatile and not easy to oxidize, so it can keep the beer taste for a long time;
4, built-in battery, portable size, can be used at home and outdoors, barbecue, party, etc.
Nursing method: clean the power supply at the exit with neutral detergent and sponge; not suitable for dishwasher and table dryer