Burner Gas Cylinder Inflation Valve for Outdoor


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Brief Description:
This gas tube valve can guarantee and reuse your flat tank safely. With this valve, your flat tank can be used more than one time.

Main Features:
– Used gas cylinder adapter
– High strength and durable material
– Easy installation high safety
– Material: metal + PU
– Length: 74cm/29.13 inches

Using Steps:
1. Prepare an inflatable valve, an empty flat tank, a liquefied gas cylinder, and an electronic scale
2. Before gas charging, please make sure the flat tank connection valve is closed for the sake of safety
3. Connect the liquefied gas cylinder interface to the cylinder, unscrew the cylinder valve and check whether there is gas escaping
4. Lie down the liquefied gas cylinder, and connect it to the flat tank. Put the connected flat tank on the scale, open the liquefied gas cylinder knob
5. After gas charging, please shut all valves

1. Please operate in ventilated open space. Do not operate under any circumstances with flame
2. Be sure flat tank is less than 330g