Baseus USB Type C HUB to 3.0 USB HDMI RJ45 USB HUB for MacBook Pro Accessories USB Splitter Multi 11 Ports Type C HUB USB-C HUB


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Main Features

There are 2 styles USB C HUB.Please check it clearly before purchasing!
-Model ① Single HDMI Type: USB 3.0*2+HDMI+VGA+RJ45+TF/SD+3.5mm Jack+PD (10 Ports)
-Model ② Double HDMI Type: USB 3.0*2+HDMI*2+VGA+RJ45+TF/SD+3.5mm Jack+ PD (11 Ports)

Ports Note
-HDMI Connector:Support 4K/60Hz HD On-screen Display
-USB 3.0: Data Transfer 5Gbps(1G movie can be transmitted in 5 seconds)
-RJ45 Interface:Support 1000Mbps Ethernet Network
-SD/TF Card Reader:Do not Support Simultaneous Reading of TF Card and SD Card
-3.5mm Aux Jack:Suitable for Earphone Headphone Speaker
-Type C PD Port:Support 60W PD Charge(Max)
-Function:USB 3.0,HDMI,VGA,RJ45,SD/TF Card Reader,PD Charging USB HUB

1) Please provide power supply when connecting to power-hungry devices.
2) Due to the large power consumption of hard drive,if there is a read failure on hard drive,please use by connecting with charger for power supply
3) Due to Mac OS system limit, MacBook can't support separate into 3 different display.
4) Windows 10/Windows 7 system can support separate into 3 different display.
5) The video output resolution is 1080P/60Hz while HDMI and VGA work at the same time.
6) The video output resolution is 4K/30Hz while two HDMI work at the same time.
7) Do not support simultanous reading of TF card and SD card.
8) HUB might get warmer when using,please don't worry, this is normal and don't affect work.


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