Automatic Alcohol Dispenser Infrared Automatic Induction Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Disinfection Sprayer 350ml Portable Non-Contact Alcohol Bottles


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Main Features

☞ Automatic Alcohol Sprayer Dispenser: Designed with infra-red sensor so that it can spray alcohol automatically and touchlessly. Make the alcohol be discharged in 0.15s, 350ml large capacity, can be used over 50,000 times. designed with leak-proof on liquid outlet, not easy to fall.
☞ Safety &100% Hygienic: alcohol sprayer dispenser use ABS environmentally friendly anti-dirty material, ensure the quick and easy hand cleaning to avoid spreading germs bettwen multiple family members or cross-contamination between different users. Achieve optimal hand hygiene.
☞ Transparent Alcohol Sprayer Bottle: Because it is a transparent liquid tank, you can easily check the remaining amount of the liquid and refill it on time.(Only for liquid, not for gel and lotion)
☞ Easy to Use&Adjustable Discharge: Alcohol spray sensor has two spray modes – 0.5s for kids and 0.75s for adults. You can easily switch the discharge rate by pressing the power, Adjust alcohol volume depending on different people’s needs. It will turn red when the battery is low.
☞ Wide Range of Application: Smart spraying and easy installation. It is convenience and hygiene and for home, office, supermarket, restaurant, school, hotel, factory and other industries. Please noted this alcohol sprayer dispenser requires 4 AA batteries to get work.(NOT included).




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