Ash Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter 1000 W 20 L Black


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Main Features

This powerful ash vacuum cleaner is perfect for the quick and effective removal of ashes from log burners, fireplaces, fire pits, and more.

The ash hoover has a powerful 1000 W motor and a 20 L collection container. With a sturdy yet flexible metal hose and an aluminium nozzle, the vacuum is able to clean even hard-to-reach areas. It is equipped with a HEPA filter to trap the smallest ash particles. The cleaner has a convenient handle for easy lift and transport.

    Colour: Black

    Tank material: Tin-plated steel

    Hose material: Steel with a zinc coating (inner) + plastic (outer)

    Dimensions: 31 x 38,5 cm (Diameter x H)

    Tank capacity: 20 L

    Power supply: 230 V~, 50 Hz

    Power: 1000 W

    Cable length: 225 cm

    Aluminium nozzle length: 22 cm

    Hose length: 100 cm

    Filter type: HEPA, washable

    Top with a vent

    Side connection for suction

    Suitable for cleaning ashes with a t


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