Arch SLR Camera DV Video Handheld Photographic Video Stabilizer


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Main Features

Regulations Width of main pallet: 5cm, Diameter of handle: 3.2cm Weight: 850g Maximum load: 1.5kg
Material quality Aluminum alloy
Configuration One stabilizer bracket One universal handle Three counterweights
Applicable equipment Camcorders, digital SLR cameras, DVs, mirrorless cameras, GOPRO (requires additional connectors), large-screen mobile phones (requires additional mobile phone clips), etc., weighing less than 1.5KG
Product Introduction Simple handheld camera stabilizer, mainly used for small cameras and camcorders weighing less than 1KG. With flexible handles, smooth gimbal head, additional weights, camera fixing table with rubber pads, and optional handle fixing screw holes on it, allowing users to easily balance the camera , And take stable shots. The handle turns very flexible and smooth
Product composition 1. The balance bracket is made of lightweight aluminum, which is lightweight and durable. The arc design concept uses the head to support the camera, the tail adds weights, and the middle adjuster can quickly adjust the balance. 2. The universal rotating handle draws on the principle of the universal joint on the tripod head to design this unique universal rotating handle, which makes the arm move more space, and also shows the professionalism of this stabilizer 3. Tail counterweight Weights are added with counterweights at the tail to achieve better balance and stability. Two weights, users can increase or decrease according to their needs
Product features 1. Aluminum alloy material, lightweight and durable 2. Curved design, simple and labor-saving, easy to adjust 3. 2 counterweights added and deleted 4. Universal handle, comfortable and non-slip 5. Main pallet with rubber pad for protection The camera base does not wear out 6. Five different screw holes are matched with the handle, and the position of the handle can be selected at will


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