Anker Roav Dash Cam S1 Dashboard Camera with Sony Sensor Full HD 1080p NightHawk Vision Built-In GPS Wi-Fi & Wide-Angle Lens


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Main Features

Roav DashCam S1 Lite
Capture The Unexpected
Roav’s premium dashboard camera engineered with an advanced sensor and premium lens. Superior imaging technology, built-in Wi-Fi, and a dedicated app ensure every drive is recorded in rich HD clarity.
Sony Starvis Sensor
GPS Logging
Built-In Wi-Fi
Emergency Recording
Track Your Travels
Built-in GPS automatically tracks and indexes every journey so you can review it at a touch.
Easy Sharing
Quickly download videos and share them online with the Roav app.
Capture Every Detail
A cutting-edge Sony Starvis sensor ensures a detailed image—even at night.
Wide Dynamic Range
Exposure is automatically fine-tuned to create balanced images and footage in any light conditions.
Expansive View
Simultaneously record 4 lanes of traffic for a full view of the road.
Parking Mode
S1 watches over your vehicle even while you’re sleeping. As soon as movement is detected, S1 springs into action, capturing every detail in full HD 1080p.
DashCam S1 Lite
Capture The Unexpected

From Roav — Making the smart driving experience accessible to all
A collection of connected devices that enhances your driving experience
Created by the same team as Anker—renowned for exceptional quality and innovation

Full High Definition
Film every part of your journey in Full HD 1080p. A high-sensitivity Sony Starvis sensor ensures every moment on the road is clearly captured—even at night.

Panoramic Views
Record more than just the car ahead of you. Comprised of 6 lens elements, DashCam's wide-angle lens captures 4 lanes of traffic to give you footage of the whole road.

Travel Tracking
A built-in GPS automatically tracks and indexes the speed, route, and other information for every trip. Instantly review any section of your journey with a tap via the Roav DashCam app.

Records While You're Away
When your car is parked, the shock sensor detects sudden movements, such as another car bumping into your car, and automatically turns on to record activity.


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