89800mAh Car Jump Starter Pack Booster USB Charger Battery Power Bank


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Main Features

– Small and light size, portable
– High power battery: support fast charging
– Support 12V vehicle jump start and charge for various cell phones, PSP, MP3/MP4, PDA, Notebook, car refrigerator and so on
– Support 4 kinds of LED lighting modes: lighting mode, flash mode, SOS mode, warning light mode
– Multiple safety protections design
– Diesel and gasoline are universal
– Good quality polymer lithium battery
– Cold and high temperature resistant, can work in the environment of -40 – 80℃
– Multi-function USB port
– Simple usage
– The necessary compass for mountaineering, camping and other outdoor activities
– Waterproof and dustproof
– The battery capacity is large, durable and safe
– Small size, slim and easy to carry
– Low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance
– Providing power to the car, starting the car in a flash, simply solving the dilemma
– No need to install, no need to set up, just use a clip to connect the car positive and negative,open the power switch, the car can start (red – positive, black – negative)


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