6PC Three-blade Chamfering Knife Drilling Chamfering Machine


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Material: high speed steel
One-piece design: make the scrap generated by the machining more convenient in the chamfering process, and will not delay the work efficiency due to the blockage of the cutter;
The blade can be ground: a more convenient maintenance method allows the tool to be ground without unloading;
A simple one-step process: the automatic through-hole chamfering knife can quickly trim and both sides of the chamfered hole in a few seconds;
High-quality materials: can process a variety of soft metals or ferrous metals, and the improved blade doubles tool life.
Size: head diameter – shank diameter –

Total length
6.3MM: 6.3MM* 5MM* 37MM
8.3MM: 8.3MM* 6MM* 40MM
10.4MM: 10.4MM* 6MM* 39MM
12.4MM: 12.4MM* 10MM* 46MM
16.5MM: 16.5MM* 10MM* 47MM
20.5MM: 20.5MM* 10MM* 47MM