5L UV Towel Sterilizer Cabinet Warmer 2 in 1 Use for SPA Hair Beauty Salon and Home White


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Main Features

This towel UV Sterilizer is very practical, we did not choose a large-capacity design, it is suitable for many small and medium-sized occasions, and it has low power consumption, light weight, more convenient to move, and can even be taken out outdoors for the convenience of babies and children. more safer.

1. [360° all-round cleaning]: Chain towel heater can be used for high temperature, ultraviolet and ozone disinfection of wet towels. 360° disinfection can bring healthier and cleaner towels to your family and your customers. Will be healthier

2. [Sturdy design]: The sides and top are made of high-quality steel plates, which are more durable than ordinary towel heaters. It will not deform as easily as the outer wall of ordinary iron sheet.
[Aluminum inner box]: The aluminum inner box of the heater can be heated thoroughly and uniformly, and it is rust-proof.

3. [Precision temperature control chip]: It uses electric heating wire for faster, automatic heating and heat preservation, which is convenient and fast. The chip control temperature is maintained at 158±50 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that you take it out for guests to use.

4. [Portable]: 5L Capacity for placing 10-15pcs towels, the small capacity design is convenient for you to move to any location, also convenient to take out outdoor, use anytime, anywhere, and keep healthy for a long time

5L Capacity for placing 10-15pcs towels
(Reference towel size: 26-4/5"Lx12-1/5"W)
Built-in UV Sterilizer to Keep Towels Germ-free
Micro Computer Control Temperature ( Average 70°C )
Thoroughly & Evenly Warms Both Traditional and Disposable Towels
Stainless steel inner chamber for better heat conduction
Convenient Pull Down Door
Removable Tray for conveniently use
Great for Both Commercial or Family Use

Power: 200W
Voltage: 110V
Frequency: 60Hz
Dimension: 8 1/4" x 10" x 11 1/2"
Temperature: 70°C
Package Includes:
1x 5L Towel Warmer

Notices: The towel capacity is a reference amount depending on the towel size, the size we use is 26-4/5"Lx12-1/5"




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