433Mhz Smart Light Switch LED Push Button Switch Universal Wireless Remote Control AC 90 250V 10A 1CH Relay controller for Lamp


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Main Features

433Mhz Smart Light Switch LED Light Push Button Universal Wireless Remote Control AC90~250V 10Amp 1CH Relay interruptor for Lamp
There are various combinations in the options, which are convenient to use, please purchase according to actual needs.
Product list
Simple to use
How to connect
How to get the signal
Step 1: Press the learning button(on the Receiver) twice . Wait for 3 seconds;
Step 2: Press one button on the remote control. Wait for 3 seconds. Succeed.
How to clear the signal
Only one step :Press the learning button(on the Receiver) 8 times. Wait for 3 seconds;
Product Application Area Products can be used in homes, farms, factories, offices, laboratories, supermarkets and so on
Remote control Electric curtain \ Water pump \ Fan \ Lamp \ LED light \ bulb \ ventilation device \ Signal transmission
Remote control humidifiers, microwaves, coffee machines
Remote control Taking Care for the elderly, children
1:Multi switches Control One/Multi Lights Receiver in the meanwhile
2:Avoid Darkness and Save Energy
–Set the remote control at different locations to quickly turn on or off the lights.
–Turn the lights on in advance to avoid darkness,
Turn off the lights after leaving, save energy.
3:More convenient remote control
— When you wake up at anytime, the wall panel switch is more convenient.and it will not distrube babies and other family members.
4:Multiple control methods
Relay Receiver Board Parameter
Product Type: Single Channel Remote Control Switch
Encoding Type: Intelligent Learning Code 1527
RF Working Mode: Superheterodyne Reception
Modulation Mode:ASK
RF Frequency: 433MHz
Working Mode:Momentary, Toggle and Latched
Input Voltage: AC 90V~250V
Max current: 10 Amp
Quiescent Current: 5mA
Receiving Sensitivity: >97dbm
Remote Control Range: >50m (Free Space)
Wired Connection Way: Fixed Wiring Pillar
Output Terminal: L /N
L : Living line
N : Neutral line
Color: White (Outside Shell)
Wall panel Transmitter Parameter
–RF frequency : 433MHz
–Support encoding : 1527 Leaning code
–Transmitting range : Open space is more than 50 meters
–Battery : NO Battery include
–Panel fluorescence : Yes
Remote controller Transmitter Parameter
–RF frequency : 433MHz
–Support encoding : 1527 Leaning code
–Transmitting range : Open space is more than 50 meters
–Battery : 2pcs * CR2016 or 1pcs * CR2032 ( include )
High quality
Relay Reciever ( include shell )
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