350ML Disinfection Sprayer Automatic Touch Sensor Alcohol Disinfection Spray Hand Washer Washing Induction


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Main Features

(1) Product name: Automatic touch sensor disinfection spray hand washer

(2) Product model: YJ-3

(3) Product color: porcelain white

(4) Net weight: 204G

(5) Product gross weight: 300g

(6) Capacity: 350ML

(7) Product size: 19 * 7.3 * 10CM

(8) Color box packaging: 21 * 11 * 8 CM


Basic parameters:

Main material: ABS

Rated voltage: 6V

Battery type: 4 AA alkaline batteries

Working temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃

Working humidity: 0% -85% RH

When the voltage drops to 4V, the red light flashes once per second until the battery is insufficient to make the entire machine unable to move (you can spray alcohol normally at low pressure)



1. Automatic alcohol sensing: infrared sensing technology, ultra-fast sensing time is only 0.25s, spray time is 0.65s, making life more convenient. When you reach the sensing area (the sensing distance is 0-5 cm), it will automatically emit strong alcohol. Clean your hands.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection: Innovative energy-saving methods, innovative water pump technology, reduce the use of 50%. Miniature high efficiency motor, low power consumption, quiet.

3. Simple design: The classic simple design style is an exquisite fashion item in your home. The main body of the alcohol bottle is made of high-grade matte materials.



1. Tap the on key to turn on automatic alcohol spray.

2. Reach out to the induction area to get alcohol.

3. It is recommended to use 75 degrees alcohol.



1. Do not immerse this product in water or rinse it directly with water to avoid short circuit.

2. When installing or replacing alcohol, do not tilt the bottle. If a small amount of alcohol flows out is normal, it can still be used normally after wiping it clean.

packing list

1. Automatic touch-sensitive alcohol sprayer

2. Chinese, English and Japanese manuals




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