3 Life Electric Hair Ball Trimmer Portable USB Charging Cute Clothes Hair Ball Remover From Xiaomi Youpin


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Main Features

Product Name: Cat Shaver
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Charging time: 70 minutes
Use time: 70 minutes
Rated input: DC/5V-0.6A
Product size: 5W (40*0.07W/LED module)
Product weight: 160g
​Powerful, easy to remove all kinds of clothing balls.
Do not hurt the clothes, do not hurt your hands.
Rigorous layout, tight manufacturing and durability.
8W high power, high efficiency, good hair removal effect.
Large-capacity storage of debris boxes to remove debris.
Safety protection, the net cover opens and immediately cuts off power to avoid accidental injury.
​Built-in battery, no need to plug in, sustainable use for 70 minutes.
​Small and cute, 160g light weight.


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