280ML Automatic Foaming Soap Dispenser Transparent Soap Liquid Container Hand Foam Liquid


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Main Features

The speical disign is the Transparent soap liquid container, like soap dispenser glass,so you can see the volume of the liquid, when it is very few, you can add more. generally , you can add 280ml soap liquid into the container , but if the soap liquid or dish soap liquid is too viscous , you can add 80-100ml soap liquid into the container , and then add 180-200ml clear water to dilute it, pls note don't add body lotion or hair shampoo into the container for using , becuase for those liquid the spray volume each time is too few to use.

size of the productDemension of the product

Battery : AA 3pcs Voltage: 4.5V Waterproof Level: IPX4

Working Temperature: 5°–60°

Sensor Distance: < 50mm

Top cover: 68 X 84mm Height: 195mm

Container size: 78X 58 X 58mm

Package size:21.5x 8.5×10.5cm

Aviailable for home

you can put it beside the basin in the bathroom, white and clear color to match the bathroom.also can be used in the kitchen, add some dish soap liquid to wash the dishes other kithen wares.

Available for hotel and office

this new product can be used in hotel of iffice too, to match the elegant around wares, bring brilliant experience to your guest!




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