2021 Xiaomi Mijia Smart Screen Display Wall Switch Three Open Wireless Key Switch With Temperature Humidity Display APP Control


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Main Features

Before Purchase Please Note:
–This is wall switch ,not a wireless version,need to be wired for use,please note it.
–This product supports remote control, intelligent linkage and other functions, and it needs to be used with a device that supports the Bluetooth Mesh gateway function.
–The voice control only support Chinese, please kindly note before you buy.
–It does not support high-power electrical appliances such as color changing lights, gradient lights, remote control lights, lights with lights, and bath heaters

-Temperature and humidity sensor
-Clear display
-Connect to Mijia APP
-Mobile remote control

▪ Built-in temperature and humidity sensor
Cold and warm, dry and wet, easy to grasp
Built-in temperature and humidity sensor, through the screen, you can clearly see the temperature and humidity of the room where the switch is located, and connect to the air conditioner and humidifier in the Mijia linkage room.

▪ Clear large screen, warm and cold, dry and wet
Time and weather, see all on one screen
You can check the temperature and humidity, date and time, and outdoor weather of the room where the switch is located through the screen on the switch. There is no need to replace the battery for the thermometer and hygrometer, and the temperature and humidity information can be uploaded conveniently and quickly.

▪ Mobile phone remote control
Turn on and off the light while lying in bed
Too lazy to get out of bed? Forgot to turn off the light when you went out? Changed it and check the status control switch operation at any time through the Mijia APP.

▪ Lighting system connected to Mijia
Make the lights at home "smart"
After replacing the switch, your home's lighting system has also become a part of the smart home, linking the smart devices at home.

▪ Is the light switch
It is also a universal switch for smart devices
After accessing the Mijia APP, you can customize any key as the switch of other smart devices in your home.

▪ Connect to Bluetooth Mesh Gateway
Smart life is more advanced
Xiaomi Mijia's on-screen display switch can be used to view the device status through a mobile phone, and can also be connected to products with built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway function, enabling remote viewing of the status, receiving switch notifications, and linkage with other smart products.

▪ 80,000 presses of sterling silver contacts
Safe and durable, high-quality craftsmanship
Precision mechanical design, longer use. Brass base + sterling silver contact design, better conductivity, not easy to oxidize, durable and safe.

Product model: ZNKGO3HL
Rated input: 220V~ 50Hz
Wireless connection: BLE Mesh
Rated load: ≤200W (three-way)
Load type: energy-saving lamp, LED lamp/fluorescent lamp/incandescent lamp
CMIIT ID: 2019DP6424 radio transmitter module
Minimum support: 3W energy-saving lamp/5W LED lamp/16W fluorescent lamp
Protection level: IP30
Temperature range: -9.9°C~50°C
Humidity range: 5%~95%RH

1 x Xiaomi Mijia screen display switch (three billing control)
2 x screws
1 x manual

The warranty period of this product is 3 months


Switch Type

Push Button Switch



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