2020 New Handheld Color Screen Game Console 500 Games Also Have Fan Function Cool Summer Game Console Handheld Game Console


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Main Features

Product Size:165*74*18mm
Game Fan Manual
Attention: There is a glass screen in the product, it is forbidden to fall!
Do not use the product during charging.
Tech Data:
Main Material
ABS/PP/PC/Glass screen/Silicon/PCBA
Net Weight:130G
Gross Weight:160G.
Fan's max Power:5W
Quality Standard: GB4706.27-2008
Origin: China
Speed of Fan:(only Fan)
Low Speed:80mA@5V
Mild Speed:200mA@7V
High Speed:350mA@9V
Fan operation: control the speed of the fan by pressing the BUTTON on the left side (the fan has three gears to adjust the output).
The fan switch is a 4-speed cycle, low, medium, high, off
A: Low Speed: press the side BUTTON once to turn on the fan. The default is low speed;
B: Middle Speed: press the button twice, and the fan speed is the middle speed turning;
C: High Speed: press the Button three times continuously, and the fan speed is high grade;
D: Turn off the fan: press the Button for four times continuously, the fan completes a cycle from on to off
Game key description:
ON/OFF: turn on/off the game; RESET: game reset; SOUND: can adjust the game sound; S/P: game start/pause;
Direction key: In the menu interface, you can select the game and control the movement direction of the character during the game;
A/B Key: Function operation, jumping, launching, etc. when playing games.
【Game list brief】:1. Tank Battle;2. Racing Car; 3. Memory Challenge; 4. Obstacle Pinball; 5. Fill Shot; 6.Duets……….total 500games
Red is the indicator light of game function. It will be on for a long time after the game function is turned on
The blue light is the charging indicator light. When charging, the red light and blue light are on for a long time. After fully charged, the red light does not change, and the blue light is dimmed to be slightly on or off
Usage time:
Fan Running Alone
Game Running Alone
Fan + Game
Low Speed

Mild Speed
High Speed
Product maintenance:
Please charge the battery for more than 2 hours after purchase.
The product needs to be charged once every three months to avoid battery damage.
Do not allow children under 10 years old to use this product alone.
Packing list:
One game fan, one lanyard, one USB data cable, and one manual.


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