2020 Dreame C++ Mop Handheld Cordless Rotary Electric Mop for Home Smart Version Mopping Dust Collector Cleaning Machine


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Main Features

CC MOP convenent and clever Cordless Rotary Electric Mop Smart Version
CC MOP Cordless Rotary Electric Mop Cleaning with Less Effort11 National Patented Technologies Improve Mopping Expenence CC MOP Cordless Rotary Electric Mop adopts double spiral-type gh-speed motor and 3 cleaning modes to improve cleaning efficiency.
Baby can walk with bare foet cleaner and safer every day
Easily Clean Large-Sized Houses Double Motor Drive, Dual Rotary Wheels to Bring Efficient MoppingTraditional reciprocating-type mop can easily leave water stains and take more time and efforts to clean The double spiral clean ing mode of CC MoP makes full use of the mop It ncreases the cleaning speed by increasing dust-tolerance rate, cleaning performance and owering frictonal resistance
Dual Mopping Wheels at 200 rpmStubborn Stains Can be Easily Removed Apart from greatly increasing the mopping speed, CC MOP further improves the mopping qualty The dual mopping wheels at 200rpm make every clean count.
it can thoroughly clean those small gaps on the floor
Cleaning Performance is Based on Strong MotorCC MOP adopts high-qualty motor from domestic independent R&D. It provides strong power that can easily remove stubborn stains


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