2 Sides Grit 1000 / 4000 Knife Sharpening Stone for Chef



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What would you do when your knife is too blunt to cut the vegetables? To buy a new knife? Or to spend some money on the knife-sharpener? What if you are hard up or the master sharpener is out? Do not worry, this 2-side grit knife sharpening stone can solve all these problems. With it, you can sharpen the knife at home, without going out or spending money. Besides knives, you can also sharpen other metal tools with it. How could you miss this great knife sharpening stone?

– 1000 grit side is for repairing chipped edges
The light green side is 1000 grit which is used to repair knives with seriously chipped edges. It is suitable for repairing small knife and tools in a short time and consolidating blade point

– 4000 grit side is for finishing and polishing the edge
The white side is 4000 grit which is used to make the knife edges very sharp. You can use it to sharpen and hone the edges to a smooth finish

– Oil stone for long time use
This sharpening stone is made from special proportioned white corundum which is heat-resistant, wear-resistant and anti-corrosive. You can use it for a long time

– Ideal for both kitchen knives and other precise tools
This grindstone is suitable for many kinds of kitchen wares and precise tools, including kitchen knives, pocket knives, fruit knives, kitchen shears, razors and so on, but not include ceramic knives or serrated blades

– A mat for you to hold the sharpening stone tightly
The non-slip silicone mat holds the stone tightly and securely on the counter, no worries about the whetstone falling off, very safe to use it

– Material: white corundum ( the whetstone ) and silicone ( the mat )
– Particle size: 1000 / 4000 grit



Material: Stone

Dimensions and Weight

Product weight: 0.5440 kg

Package weight: 0.5760 kg

Package Size(L x W x H): 19.00 x 8.00 x 4.20 cm / 7.48 x 3.15 x 1.65 inches

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Knife Sharpening Stone, 1 x Non-slip Mat