1x 3014 144smd CanBus S25 1156 BA15S P21W LED lamp T20 LED 7440 W21W led Bulbs For Turn Signal Light


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Main Features

* LED Color:White

* LED Chipsets: 3014 144SMD

* Beam Angle: 360 degree

* Lighting output: approx 20 lumen

* Operating Voltage: 12V DC

* Color temperature : 6000K

* Lifespan: 20000 working hours

* Non-polar wide voltage constant current source design: LED car turn signal can work in small car (AC12V);
* In-situ design: plug and light without changing the circuit;
* The aluminum parts are actively dissipated, and the heat dissipation effect is fast;
* Less solder joints to improve product quality;
(1) This model wont cause hyper flash or error, may very few cars if have these issues, you might need to add load resistors to prevent the LED bulbs from hyper flashing( flash rapidly) or dashboard error code

(2) This Model only for Turn Signal, if need install 4pcs at the same time, very few cars will cause error or hyper flash issue, please buy resistor together to solve the problem, 4pcs bulbs need 1pair 50W Resistors.
(3) This light can only be used for turn signals, Can not be used asBrake Light,reverse light,headlights, fog lights, daytime running lights.

Package Included:
1pcs Turn Signal Light Bulb


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Reverse Lights

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