12V Charging UPS Uninterrupted Protection Integrated Board 18650 Lithium Battery Boost Module


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 1. Boost + charge control + Lithium battery protection + UPS uninterrupted power supply, multifunction integration, easy to use, no longer trouble the intricate flying lines between the various function boards. 
2. The switch can be used as a low power DC mobile power supply. It can be used as a UPS power supply and can be used as a lithium battery charger. 
3. Battery box design, easy to remove and replace the battery. 
4. Separate charge port, wiring can be placed in any position. 
6. The power supply charges the battery one way while the other way turns on the boost output. 
7.When the power supply is turned on, the battery can be removed at will. 
8.When the battery is powered, the power supply can also be disconnected at any time. 
9.If the power supply or the battery is powered at any way, it can be keep the load continuously and continuously work (UPS function). 
10.When the UPS function is not used, charging the battery can also be used as an ordinary portable power source. 
11. The charging power supply is connected so that the load operation does not occupy the charging current of the battery. The power supply can rapidly charge the battery while being loaded. 12.Material: ABS fiber components