12V 8A 6-120Ah Auto Car Intelligent Battery charger Jump Starter Car Motorcycle


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Main Features

1.-Built-in silent fan: The smart charger has a built-in silent fan, which is equipped with an aluminum radiator and a large grille for better ventilation.

2.-LCD digital display display voltage: The smart charger can automatically display battery power and battery voltage.

3.-Wide range of applications: suitable for 12V6AH-12V120AH battery. Applicable to more than 99% of the market, such as automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, water batteries, dry batteries, lead-acid batteries, maintenance-free batteries, etc.

4.-Charger automatic power off zero output: automatic power off, peace of mind, to prevent the safety hazard caused by fire, battery aging. Not only does it require no personal care, it also does not damage the battery due to overcharging.

5.-Intelligent chip control: The intelligent identification chip adopts a newly developed circuit hardware solution, and cooperates with smart chips with different charging modes to reduce thermal damage and improve utilization rate. It is compatible with most motorcycles, automobiles, trucks and other batteries on the market.


Color: pink
Battery Type: lead acid battery

Input Parameters: 100-240V

Charging Current: 2000 (mA)

Size: 180*90*55mm/7.09*3.54*2.17inch

Charging voltage current: 12V 8A


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