105pc Rotary Tool Accessories Set Electric Grinding Attachment Kit Multi mini drill Grinding Polishing Drilling Kits for Dremel


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Main Features

Product Features:

Practical: Complete 105pcs rotary accessories kit includes polishing tools, pads, cutting, drums, grinding, sanding, carving bits and pieces of cleaning etc.
Durable: With small, good polishing effect, high efficiency.
Applications: Fit for your polishing need, can use for metal and nonmetal materials.
Multipurpose: Suitable for metal surface cleaning, grinding, dusting, deburring, polishing, stripping residue.
Product Specification:

Type: Electric Drill Grinder Rotary Power Tool
Material: Sanding, Metal, High Speed Steel, etc.
Color: As picture shows
Quantity: 105pcs
Usage: Rotary Polishing Tool
Package Includes:

36pcs x Resin Cutting Sheet
37pcs x Sanding Disc
10pcs x Sand Drum
3pcs x Double Mesh Grinding Sheet
7pcs x Grinding Wool Wheel
1pcs x Grinding Wool Head
6pcs x Grinding Stone
2pcs x Wire Brush
2pcs x Connecting Rod
1pcs x Dressing Stone Wheel
Wire Wheel Brush Set Polishing Wheels Abrasive Wheels Drill Accessory Kit for Dremel Rotary Tools
Remove burrs, rust, dust, and the oxide layer
Durable, not easy to weat out, long service life
Their sponge-like consistency enable them get into unusual curves or angles, polishing and grinding all kinds of rough surface
Suitable for metal surface cleaning, derusting, polishing, grinding, dusting, and stripping residue


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