10 Rolls Thickened Toilet Paper Bath Tissue 4-ply Portable Toilet Paper Roll Tissue Paper Roll


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Introductions: Portable rolls with 4-ply sheets per roll. These hand towels are making it ideal for the washroom, kitchen, car,workshop or a restaurant. 4 layers thickened delivers softness and strength at a good value. No additives, no irritation, safe. Flushable and safe for standard septic and sewer systems.They fit into standard hand towel dispensers for improved hygiene and ease of use. Attention: To avoid clogging the toilet, do not flush large amounts of paper immediately & Keep away from fire sources to avoid fire.

1. Naturally and safe wood pulp material without any chemical substances added
2. No dust, no debris, comfortable and soft
3. Four layers, thick and durable
4. It is clean and hygienic and can be used safely
5. Widely used in homes, KTV, hotels, etc.
6. Flushable and safe for standard septic and sewer systems

1. Color: White
2. Type: Toilet Paper
3. Layer: 4 Layers
4. Leaf Size: (3.94 x 3.94)" / (10 x 10)cm (L x W)
5. Weight: 75g Per Roll
6. Quality: Premium
7. Toilet Paper Width:12.5cm
8. Fragrance: No
9. Type: Enviro Friendly Recycled Tissue
10. Shelf Life:3 Years

Package Includes:
10 x Rolls Tissue



Each volume is 75 grams


Virgin Wood Pulp


3 Ply

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