CR-HG03 Circle Kitchen Multi-function Electric Hot Pot From Mijia Youpin


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Circle kitchen multi-function electric hot pot
The pot has two flavors
One pot double flavor 1500 big fire カ 4L gold capacity one does not dry inner wall
a hot pot, a small reunion
Taste is divided into two factions
The pot enjoys two flavors at the same time, taking into account each taste. No need to entangle
Choose a hot pot or a clear soup pot, and eat more hot pot at home.
One-piece molding without soldering delicious
The separator is integrally cast and molded, which is beautiful and elegant. It is used for a long time without cracking.
Taste, eat a full sense of ritual.
1500W firepower to enjoy delicious, etc.
360° ring heating, sufficient firepower, even heat of food, rapid boiling, no need to wait for meat
Stereo bottom of the pot, reduce the heating of the circulation heating, heat loss
Food contact grade non-stick coating
Eat healthy and easy to clean
Do not paste the pot, do not stick to the pan, eat with confidence, eat peace of mind, clean and worry free.
Stepless firepower adjustment knob temperature control
High temperature protection to protect your safety
When the temperature is dry, the power is automatically cut off, and the food safety is guaranteed.
Material Glass, stainless steel, non-stick material

Capacity: 4L

Rated power: 1500W
Rated voltage: 220V~50Hz